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And I Dance, Dance, Dance by IrethSeregorn

I wanted to say right off the bat: beautiful work with the atmosphere! The ray of light and spots of light are beautifully done. Howeve...

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Need From Others:
ZombieOverLoad 100 :points:, headshot of Player
LightningTheif one uncommon Carniquine/Felsteed import
SagaNight needs to post Huck breed pic, they design foal
horselady36501 needs to post breed pic, they design foal

Things I owe People:
-Simple full body w/simple bg and color art trade -cat
-Breeding Pic Kota + Foals

-1 design with cardlike markings black or bucksin base colour

-1 Suminaquine Horse Breeding Pair

Reserved DN Breedings

Rip Tide by Xunau66

HeadShot Breeding Pics

As Sweet As Can Bee by Affyre x WBS The Beautiful Killer by angry-horse-for-life

MMS - The Game Changer by MonsterMuseStables x WBS All Sorts Of Deadly by angry-horse-for-life

TCrS Miss Information - SOLD by noebelle x WBS All Sorts Of Deadly by angry-horse-for-life

Full Body Breed Pics

EH Cheshire by Okami-Haru x WBS Lord Pestilence by angry-horse-for-life

IVS Betelgeuse - PRIVATE HORSE by inglorious-vikings x WBS The Beautiful Killer by angry-horse-for-life

SRS Imaginary Smiles by Layla15 x WBS Lord Pestilence by angry-horse-for-life

RoS - Dark Joker SOLD by little-mi x WBS Dirty Wishes by angry-horse-for-life

Fun Crap! :D

Things People Owe Me

:pointr:Breeding to PD Handdown Hancock…
:pointr:Free breeding with any Hickory Ridge Farm Horse
:pointr:Free horse advertisment (donated by Stock-Horse-Champs)
:pointr:Free full body w/ background training picture (donated by SKS-Ozark-Mustangs)
:pointr:Free breeding to almost any SKS horse (donated by SKS-Ozark-Mustangs)

-image of angry-horse-for-life.deviantar…

-9 adoptables
-full body picture of WBS Sterling Flight angry-horse-for-life.deviantar…
-full body picture of WBS Lady Lizzy angry-horse-for-life.deviantar…
-full body picture of The Black Angel angry-horse-for-life.deviantar…
-full body picture of To Sell A Soul angry-horse-for-life.deviantar…

Horses-Echo / Neon-Teardrops
-16 :points:
-full body picture off me (I dont know what that means)
-portrait of WBS Praying For Thunder angry-horse-for-life.deviantar…
-12 month feature on her page
-personalized rug
-Free breeding with any of the FWEC horses
-6 free horse designs
-a mystery gift
-Rosette for WBS The Gorgous Letdown
-Rosette for WBS Overlooked Beauty
-Headshot of WBS The Gorgous Letdown with the rosette, digital
-Headshot of WBS Overlooked Beauty with the rosette, digital
- 2 simple personalized rugs

- 1st place trophy with the name of your horse and rider
- a ribbon
- a fullbody pic of your horse with ribbon

-1 foal between angry-horse-for-life.deviantar… and…
-1 breeding


Breed Pics I need To Do


REF - Fogresh Gold Skyline by SkylineBB x WBS Slingers Dun It Again 5 y.o. by angry-horse-for-life

Lle Mori Melar by horselady36501 x WBS Selling Our Thoughts by angry-horse-for-life

x WBS Selling Our Thoughts by angry-horse-for-life

PD Don't Mess with Playgun-PT by painted-cowgirl x WBS Strawberry Daiquiri by angry-horse-for-life after she is a Star in the WD

COTN Souteneur ref. -Approved Partbred- by DiePest-1912 x WBS Killing With Style by angry-horse-for-life

Full Body Shots:
Too Close for Comfort by BlossomHillStables x LH Calico Skipa Sissy by angry-horse-for-life

Blue Print it is by Luna-Bug x WBS Ugly Betty Babe -OLD- by angry-horse-for-life

RRSoB Abusement park by SynthetikSoul x WBS Living Fore Love by angry-horse-for-life and WBS Blood Of A Widow by angry-horse-for-life

Blue Print it is by Luna-Bug x WBS Kiss Me Hard **old** by angry-horse-for-life

BRR Tiffany Morgan by blaine-rr x WBS Slingers Dun It Again 5 y.o. by angry-horse-for-life Bay Dun (Ee/Aa/Dd) Blaze, Sock on HL

TLEC Playdox Advocate by TimberlakeLaneEC x WBS Kiss Me Hard **old** by angry-horse-for-life -I design my foal

PD Handdown Hancock-Quarter H. by painted-cowgirl x PD Miami Tramp - Paint by painted-cowgirl -Grullo Roan Splash Filly

GF Sidewynder by Vox-Morda x SK Pearl Bay by SkylineBB -Silver Smoky Blue Roan Splash Ee/aa/nCr/nZ/Rr/nSpl

So I graduated High School.. Wanna see pictures of the graduation/after party I had at my house? 

23 deviants said Yes! :eager:
5 deviants said No! :P
4 deviants said Anyways, This Button Is Angrys Button! :dummy:
No deviants said I ask because I feel like I have been posting a lot of photographs and smothering y'all with my life stuff instead of art ^^;

More Pictures of Le Lu

Fri Jul 25, 2014, 6:47 PM
With more to come.

Dog Stock 0014 RIP by angry-stock-for-lifeDog Stock 0015 RIP by angry-stock-for-life

Used Resources
Stardust Brushes by werram
Stock 69 by UmbraDeNoapte-Stock
Stardust Brushes by werram

Shedu Cat for Sale *SOLD*

Fri Jul 18, 2014, 2:05 PM
Shedu Cat 1538ST by SheduMaster SOLD to :iconarctusrelic:

He is my only one, but I am not clicking with his design...
I paid 1500 :points: for him, but feel free to make an offer.

If you buy him, I will fill him in for my YSH for 50 :points:
YSH 1 by angry-horse-for-life

Used Resources
Stardust Brushes by werram
Stock 69 by UmbraDeNoapte-Stock
Stardust Brushes by werram

Drawing Contest *everyone gets prize*

Thu Jul 10, 2014, 7:04 PM
So, as I have disclosed in my previous journal, Le Lu is dead.
Update... DeathWell, if anyone was wondering why I have been gone for 2 weeks...
I spent a week with Abby, riding and doing as we do whenever I come up. Devan was my ride there so he got to ride with us the first day. Abby also got a Sheep, Fwedwik. When I get the motivation, I will post pictures of my trip. Along the line, I spent some nights with Devan at his house.
I am pretty tired of talking about this, so I will keep it short as possible:
Le Lu is dead.
For the past month she has been feeling unwell, we amused it was her ear infection that she had at the time. However, when I left for Abbys, she stopped eating and drinking all together, and became lethargic in my absence and slept by my door every night (something she does normally when I leave).
Matiem (what I call my mom, for those of you who dont know) grew worried and took her to the vet- something we rarely do.. due to money issues. I was convinced she just missed me, and wasnt too worried. I had still not seen her myself for a week, nor w
 I will be adding more pictures periodicly

She was my first dog, and a big part of my life. An American Bull Dog x American Pit Bull, she was supposed to live 14 years and made about half of that.. But I dont have one bad memory from those years with her. She was always energetic and super loving and protective. She was very polite when it came to doors, and would always sit and wait permission before entering my room, or leaving the house through any door. She slept with me in my bed most every night, and we loved eachother endlessly. She was so clever and beautiful.

That brings me to this contest. I have drawn Le Lu before traditionally a few times.. but now, when I want to most, I cant bring myself to do it. I loved Lu so fucking much, and it would mean the world to me to see some people out there supporting her and celebrating her life through art.

I will give it as much time as y'all need, but honestly, I dont care for deadlines here. Take your time. Just dont surprise me in two years and expect to get a prize from this contest.
The only requirements are that it must be of Le Lu. Pictures of her can be found in the journal above so markings/colors can be correct (that is a must!)
Please, only posative images. They can be tear-jerking if you would like (im sure I will cry when I see any art of her anyways..), but no gore or demonic, dark stuff.. Not with Lu. Her life was so happy and I want to celebrate that. I am sad enough that she is gone, I dont need to be disturbed too.
Feel free to draw her with a friend! Maybe an animal of yours that has passed away? Or one of mine, if you'd like. Feel free to draw her with Yoshi, our late Japaneese Akita..  they were best friends until she got in heat and he hooked up with her. Ended up ripping some organs inside and he had to be put down. Note that Yoshi was bigger than Le Lu and male. Feel free to draw her with Penny, our 14 year old Dalmation x Fox Terrier. They RARELY ever played, but Penny yelled (barked) at Le Lu a lot whenever she started playing, so that may make for a funny picture. Note that Penny is smaller than Le Lu and female (also, old!). Feel free to draw her in heaven, or with me, or running around being a dog. She LOVED water and snow! Never rolled in poop or dead things, and LOVED games like Fetch and Tug-O-War. She also had war every day with the squirrel in our backyard. At my old house she loved to sleep under my bed.

Yo-Yo by angry-wolf-for-lifeYo-Yo 2 by angry-wolf-for-lifeYo-Yo 3 by angry-wolf-for-life

Poo-Bear by angry-wolf-for-lifePenny Smiles by angry-wolf-for-lifePenny 2 by angry-wolf-for-lifePenny + Lucky + Harvey by angry-wolf-for-lifePrecious Faces by angry-wolf-for-lifePaw Stock 2 by angry-wolf-for-life size comparison
Dog + Cocaine by angry-wolf-for-life

Things to note: It bothers me VERY much when markings are drawn wrong. Please pay attention to detail, it means a lot to me.
If you need more pictures of anyone, I CAN provide them!

:star:EVERYONE who draws gets a prize!:star:
:star: Soooo I dont know what to offer for prizes. Im pretty much broke off points. But I guess I could offer breedings to any of my horses (please need Nordys out of it). That includes Slinger, BB, and Player, or any of my lesser known horses. I dont care.
:star: Or, if your more into DARPG than HARPG, then check out angry-dog-for-life I will allow you a free breeding to one of my dogs where you get 2 free puppies instead of one!
:star: Or, I will give you a free male and female import from ANY and/or ALL of my created breeds.
:star: Or, I will give you art if you want. Dogs and Horses only, please.
:star: Or, if you dont want a prize, then thats fine.

Please dont make some bullshit effortless art just to swindle a prize out of me. I am looking for effort... and lack thereof. Only do this if you actually care about celebrating her life with me.

I love you guys. And I miss her so much. I wish I could have had all of you over to meet her so you could realize what an amazing soul she had. I was so blessed to have her in my life, I am so thankful. Its just sad. ;_;

Used Resources
Stardust Brushes by werram
Stock 69 by UmbraDeNoapte-Stock
Stardust Brushes by werram


angry-horse-for-life has started a donation pool!
520 / 5,000
Self taught artist - stamp by Eirene86Self taught artist - stamp by Eirene86Self taught artist - stamp by Eirene86

give me lama and get lama 2 by Th3EmOo
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:iconpointslaplz: TO RENEW MY PREMIUM :iconpointslaplz:

Please donate so I can re-new my Premium every few months. If you are paying for an adoptable or purchasing something in the form of points, pay through this donation box. Thank you. :heart:

I WILL WORK FOR POINTS! If you want me to draw you something, note me and we will work out a price!

The biggest donation was 2600 :points: from (they choose to be ananomous)
and the second biggest donation was 500 :points: from :iconwolverine041269:

Thank you for all of your generous donations! Even if your not donating points to me, go through the list of people that HAVE donated and visit their page, drop em a llama and a few faves. They are all great people and deserve much kindness.


Saving up for a Premium mebership!

Please check out angry-horse-for-life.deviantar…

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Kayla Marie Simpson
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United States
Explosion by angry-horse-for-life

dev id.2 by foxtrot98

Happy Emo Stamp by DaishoKatanaTypos by stuck-in-suburbia

I am Black/Green

This is my other account: angry-wolf-for-life.deviantart… It is where I do most of my stuff. You can see more pictures of my horse here.

This is my SS rp website
This is my SP rp website…

An old man walked up a shore littered with thousands of starfish, beached and drying up after a storm. A young man was picking them up and flinging them back into the ocean. "Why do you bother?" the old man scoffed. "You are not saving enough to make a difference." The young man picked up another starfish and sent it spinning back to the water. "Made a difference to that one," he said. -Author Unknown

Halfmoon Bottlecap by Bright-In-The-NightI Aint No Wild Chick Stamp by MooiHorseDesignsWIP - Stamp for Holly by painted-cowgirlNu Peeking Stamp by painted-cowgirlStamp - Enzo by painted-cowgirlNightmare Support Stamp by PestdoktorI support fantasy HARPG by Chistokrovka


Interested in Commissions?



:pointr: Stars * will be placed next to the examples. They coorilate to the prices, so if an image has * after it, that is the example for the order that has (*) in it. Same goes for ** and (**), etc.

:star:SKETCHY STYLE:star:
Sketchy Headshot CM for s1088 by angry-horse-for-life*Just Hangin by angry-horse-for-life**
:bulletpurple: Head Shot (*) = 10:points:
:bulletpurple: Partial Body (**) = 15:points:
:bulletpurple: Full Body (no examples) = 20:points:
:bulletpurple: Add Sketchy Background (**) = +5:points:

Something Flashy Something New by angry-horse-for-life*/***Theyre Real and Theyre Beautiful by angry-horse-for-life*Baylili00 LS Requests by angry-horse-for-life*/****samvd LS Requests by angry-horse-for-life*Ovie Training for Western Pleasure by angry-horse-for-life**Slinger Goes NOM by angry-horse-for-life*****
:bulletpurple: Clean Lines With Clean Flat Color (*) = 30:points:
:bulletpurple: Add A Bridle Or Halter (**) = +10:points:
:bulletpurple: Add The Horses Name On The Image (***) = +5:points:
:bulletpurple: Add A Simple Color As A Background (****) = +5:points:
:bulletpurple: Add A Simple Background (*****) = +10:points:

3 Gentlemen by angry-horse-for-life*The Face of An Alcoholic~ by angry-horse-for-life*Drafts And Elegance by angry-horse-for-life*Tommys Arrival by angry-horse-for-life*/**
:bulletpurple: Shaded Headshot (*) = 50:points:
:bulletpurple: Add A Background (**) = +15:points:

:star:FULL BODYS:star:
All are Shaded
No Fred! by angry-horse-for-life*You Wouldnt Even Know Were Related by angry-horse-for-life**The Unfortunate Ones **READ** by angry-horse-for-life***She Dances With Death by angry-horse-for-life***Betty + Foals by angry-horse-for-life***So Fluff'n Fun!! by angry-horse-for-life****Drunk Off Dat Ass by angry-horse-for-life****
:bulletpurple: "Doodle" Style Complete With BG (*) = 80:points:
:bulletpurple: "Portrait" Includes Photography Drape BG (**) = 100:points:
:bulletpurple: Detailed with Background of Your Choice (***) = 150:points:
:bulletpurple: Detailed w/ Detailed Meadow Background (****) = 200:points:

Sydney and Migh-Berry in the Creek by angry-horse-for-life*Deseo at Bull FIghting Desires Show by angry-horse-for-life*Phantom at 1st Annual HARPG Houston Livestock Show by angry-horse-for-life*
:bulletpurple: Lineless Full Body with Background (*) = 1000:points:

:star:SHOW ENTRIES:star:
Stella at Quality In Color Show 2014 Liberty by angry-horse-for-life*Relaxing Alcoholic by angry-horse-for-life*Town at Publics Choice Show - Halter by angry-horse-for-life**Publics Choice Show Gilly Dressage by angry-horse-for-life***LHR Blue Fire Cross Country at Publics Choice by angry-horse-for-life**Huck at Summer Endurance Festival by angry-horse-for-life***Newfoundland's Annual Show Reining Player by angry-horse-for-life***Newfoundland's Annual Show Barrels Sissy by angry-horse-for-life***Player at Hickory Ridge's 2012 Western Classic RCH by angry-horse-for-life***Player at Hickory Ridge's 2012 Western Classic W.P by angry-horse-for-life***Spring Into Summer Mini Show -Gaming by angry-horse-for-life**
:pointr: For A Show Entry, Take The Origional Commission Price And Add The Following:
:bulletpurple: If No Tack/Rider Needed (*) = +10:points:
:bulletpurple: If No Saddle Needed (**) = +50:points:
:bulletpurple: If Tack + Rider Is Needed (***) = +100:points:

White Blood Stables

Harpg 10 by HymnsieHarpg 11 by HymnsieHarpg 12 by HymnsieHarpg 13 by HymnsieHarpg 14 by Hymnsie

OT 2012-2013 stamp by WesternSpice
White Blood Stables Money System by angry-horse-for-lifeAwards Wall by angry-horse-for-life
Location: Saulsbury, Tennessee
Main Focus: Stock
Secondary Focus: Demonic Horses

Stamp - Winning Foals by painted-cowgirlI love German Shepherd Dogs by WishmasterAlchemist
I love Quarter Horses by WishmasterAlchemistI love Australian Cattle Dogs by WishmasterAlchemistI love Rough Collies by WishmasterAlchemistI love Bluetick Coonhounds by WishmasterAlchemistI love Blue Merles by WishmasterAlchemistI love American Pit Bull Terriers by WishmasterAlchemistI love Border Collies by WishmasterAlchemistI love Mustangs by WishmasterAlchemistI love American Paint Horses by WishmasterAlchemistI love Gypsy Vanners by WishmasterAlchemistI love Thoroughbreds by WishmasterAlchemistI love Appaloosas by WishmasterAlchemistI love Andalusians by WishmasterAlchemistI love Arabians by WishmasterAlchemistI love Friesians by WishmasterAlchemist

 photo tumblr_m28eb0gfKd1qjonawo1_400_zpsc626eee9.gif


Reserved Breedings

American Muscle by WickerWolfArt
Cashin' Your Diamonds by Lycious After she has some shows done
Bo- The WD Best of the Best by magmallae When we find a mare to hook him up with
BhS I Aint No Wild Chick Ref by MooiHorseDesigns
TLEC Sunnuva Snappe - Open for Breeding by TimberlakeLaneEC
:thumb294684588: As many as we want
First Sight by Luna-Bug
Break Out Tha' Bubbly by AniaJag
Owl by StoneMillEquestrian
..::SSR He's Dun It Again::.. by Shining-Spurs-Ranch
..::SSR Smooth Move::.. by Shining-Spurs-Ranch
Matches by RogueDraken
Night Shade by RogueDraken
PD Stellar with Lace - Appaloosa by painted-cowgirl after she is 7
Blue Beauty Rue by crazykate1
Wild Thang by BlossomHillStables To BB after she is done showing
Whiskey - Wildcat Halter by GoldenEagleStables after she is old enough
TCrS Meltdown by noebelle
WWR The Horse With No Name by Creature-of-the-Wood
Pregnant Mare Adopt 4 - SOLD by FallbrookeECShe Stands Proud by CrazyBrit88
Chico's Dun It - Ref by Starcather9
Reserve Now! by RhinestoneRidge
Rambling Rooster - HARPG by Katha88
HG Thinly Veiled Trouble by nadelkissen
WBS Bootlegger by Secret-Assasin-Emery
WMS Chico's Dun It ~ SUPER HORSE!! :D by Starcather9
sks Renegade by Secret-Assasin-Emery
Remidy Rose by horselady36501
Rasheeka Negma by ChrissyMax When she is old enough
They Call Him Superman by SunriseRidgeRanch
DCS Fighting Cause by FieryStallion
Blue Beauty Rue by crazykate1
2779 Pandora's Bless Your Face by ShapeShifter314
6273 Lady Lilith by Catzei
RCS What If by xXNeverbloomXx
..::SSR Sensational Gunslinger::.. by Shining-Spurs-Ranch
4238 Nina Bonita by ScarletRose-Academy
FtC AS The Crow Flies by AniaJag
2045 Cry Like A Ghost | Excellent Blood by SynthetikSoul
056 Estel by Scutterland
:thumb415348516: 20:points: or full body training image -unpaid
Gun Lure by DamianMcGintyFan222
Sharif Kehilan* by decors
Blue Reference Sheet by DaisyDukeDandie
Sunny Tiko Foal by horselady36501
New horse Emozioni X by xDanielleeee
TSR A Gentleman's Explosive by Luna-Bug
SSR Gun Show by Luna-Bug
TLEC Envious PocoNic by TimberlakeLaneEC


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