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Training To Sell Program

All of these horses are being trained in 3DE and will be sold via public auction!

All of these foals are being green broke and will be sold via public auction!
:bulletblue: Unamed Foal
:bulletpink: Unamed Foal

My Lovelies
If I were that cat, my lovelies would be that stuffed animal :meow:
And these are my lovelies :>

Things People Owe Me

ZombieOverLoad 100 :points:, headshot of Player
LightningTheif one uncommon Carniquine/Felsteed import
SagaNight needs to post Huck breed pic, they design foal
horselady36501 needs to post breed pic, they design foal

:pointr:Breeding to PD Handdown Hancock…
:pointr:Free breeding with any Hickory Ridge Farm Horse
:pointr:Free horse advertisment (donated by Stock-Horse-Champs)
:pointr:Free full body w/ background training picture (donated by SKS-Ozark-Mustangs)
:pointr:Free breeding to almost any SKS horse (donated by SKS-Ozark-Mustangs)

-image of angry-horse-for-life.deviantar…

-9 adoptables
-full body picture of WBS Sterling Flight angry-horse-for-life.deviantar…
-full body picture of WBS Lady Lizzy angry-horse-for-life.deviantar…
-full body picture of The Black Angel angry-horse-for-life.deviantar…
-full body picture of To Sell A Soul angry-horse-for-life.deviantar…

Horses-Echo / Neon-Teardrops
-16 :points:
-full body picture off me (I dont know what that means)
-portrait of WBS Praying For Thunder angry-horse-for-life.deviantar…
-12 month feature on her page
-personalized rug
-Free breeding with any of the FWEC horses
-6 free horse designs
-a mystery gift
-Rosette for WBS The Gorgous Letdown
-Rosette for WBS Overlooked Beauty
-Headshot of WBS The Gorgous Letdown with the rosette, digital
-Headshot of WBS Overlooked Beauty with the rosette, digital
- 2 simple personalized rugs

- 1st place trophy with the name of your horse and rider
- a ribbon
- a fullbody pic of your horse with ribbon

-1 foal between angry-horse-for-life.deviantar… and…
-1 breeding


Things I owe People:
-Simple full body w/simple bg and color art trade -cat
-Breeding Pic Kota + Foals
-1 Suminaquine Horse Breeding Pair

50 Kaaring devided between 9282 SES Skull Crusher and A1291 SES Urutu

White Blood Stables Winter Races

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 28, 2015, 5:28 PM
Running: Deadline is August 1st, 2015
Event Type: Racing
Class/Classes: Flat Race, Cross Country, Skijoring, Barrel Racing, Beach Race
Restrictions: Horses entered into the Flat race must have at least 50% Thoroughbred blood. The other classes are open to any breed.

:star::star:The Rules:star::star:
:bulletgreen: Tracing, Leasing, and Collabs are permitted.
:bulletred: Do not re-use old art- the entry must have been made after the creation date of this show. This goes for training/arrival/extra images, too.
:bulletred: Backgrounds must be drawn and yours. You may re-use them for multiple classes.
:bulletred: Register as many horses as you want so long as they qualify, and you can get your entries in on time.
:bulletred: There is a breed restriction for the Flat Race, but any breed may enter the other classes.
:bulletred: There is no dress code for the rider.
:bulletred: You must register for the classes you want to enter.
:bulletred: I may enter my own horses as well.

:star::star:The Classes:star::star:
:bulletblack: Flat Race (13/4th's mile, Dirt)
:pointr: Begins in the morning, after the sun has risen.
:pointr: Horse must have at least 50% Thoroughbred blood

:bulletblack: Cross Country (4 miles)
:pointr: Takes place during the day
:pointr: All obsticals are natural or made of natural objects- fallen trees, boulders, streams, hills, logs tied together, etc
:pointr: All breeds allowed

:bulletblack: Skijoring (1 mile)
:pointr: Takes place during the day in a field of snow surrounded by forestry. The snow has been plowed into piles of various sizes across the course, but jumping them is optional.
:pointr: You may either have a rider on the horse (shown here), or no rider on the horse (shown here)
:pointr: All breeds allowed

:bulletblack: Barrel Racing
:pointr: Takes place in one of our outdoor arenas. The fenceline is brown wood, with three planks across each post.
:pointr: All breeds allowed

:bulletblack: Beach Race (2 miles)
:pointr: A casual race on the beach around sunset to end the day
:pointr: All breeds allowed

:star::star:Weather and Setting:star::star:
It is Winter on the Island. There was a snowfall the previous night, so expect fresh powder snow across the courses. The racetrack will not be plowed, so the snow will cover the dirt, the racing rail is black with the posts that go into the ground being purple. Beside the first stretch is forestry with mountain ranges in the background (shown here but without the building in the back) and around the first turn to the second stretch is more forestry (shown here ). Our race track has a path that leads up towards the grounds in the direction of the loading gates. We do not have any grand stands to sit at, so spectators may stand by or drive up to the racing rail. Bring your own chairs if you would like. The cross country course will also be snowed over, with possible wildlife along the way, including Printer the squirrel (shown here , here), deer, mountain lions. The snow is covering the sand in the outdoor arena, and there may be snow on the fence. Behind the arena is a hill with the tops of trees poking over the rim (hill shown here). The snow will not reach the sand on the beach, but of course, it will be quite chilly out.

:star::star:Registration and Entry Forms:star::star:
To register, fill out this form and comment it below.
Horses Name: 
Horses Reference: 
Riders Name: 
Riders Reference: (if you dont have one, any previous image of the rider will do)
Class(es) Entering: 
:new: Tack: (Fill out for Flat Race and Beach Race ONLY where people get extra points for including your horse in their entry, if you have specific tack used for this class, please link us to the tack so other people can draw your horse accurately)

Your Registration Number will be the Number you include on your...
:pointr: Race Cloth (for flat race only -see example here)
:pointr: Bridle (for cross country, skijoring, beach race only -see example here)
:pointr: Saddle Pad (for barrel racing only -see example here)

When you complete your entry, include this information in the pictures info.
Registration Number: 
Horses Name:
Riders Name: 
Extra Images: 
Previous Experience: (see info about this under Judging section)
Advertisement: (see info about this under Judging section)
Prizes Donated: (see info about this under Judging section)

If you can not complete a part of the form, put N/A as the answer.

:star::star:Registered Horses + Entries:star::star:
Arrow left by Drawn-MarioFlat Race
1. WBS Ghost Hour ridden by Abhijat Devar (Tack), no entry yet
2. OE Twilight Zone ridden by Kaylin Schneider , no entry yet
3. SimEC Beyond Constellation ridden by Jay Bellmore , no entry yet
4. WPF The Apocalypse ridden by Katalina Viola Akridge , no entry yet
5. American Anthem ridden by Elina Mesch , no entry yet
6. ALS Inglorious Bastard ridden by Becket Tredeu , no entry yet
7. Olivia Running Wild ridden by Ryan O'Conner (Tack) , no entry yet
8. SM Loop Me ridden by Jack Stewick (Tack) , no entry yet

Arrow left by Drawn-MarioCross Country
1. WPF Chimera dell'orizzonte 312 ridden by Adam Caito , no entry yet
2. BS Faramund ridden by Claire Garland , no entry yet

Arrow left by Drawn-MarioSkijoring
1. WBS Snow Day handled by  Georgia Darling , no entry yet
2. WPF Non mollare mai handled by Katalina Viola Akridge , no entry yet

Arrow left by Drawn-MarioBarrel Racing
1. WPF Percy ridden by Skylar blue de rosa , no entry yet

Arrow left by Drawn-MarioBeach Race
1. WPF The Apocalypse ridden by Katalina Viola Akridge , no entry yet
2. BS Faramund ridden by Claire Garland , no entry yet
3. WBS Ghost Hour ridden by Dallas Jakson (Tack), no entry yet
4. Tuz ridden by Kate , no entry yet
5. WBS Dunn Runner ridden by Yasir Ahmad (Tack), no entry yet
6. Waves of Peace ridden by Kate Baker , no entry yet

:star::star:The Judging:star::star:
+10 if followed rules (registration + entry forms properly filled out and included, art is new, etc)
+3 if entry is head/bust shot
+5 if entry is partial body (50% or more)
+10 if entry is full body 
+3 for partial rider shown 
+5 for full rider/handler shown
+0-20 for correct background/setting/weather/details
+5 for correct obsticals
+0-10 for shading quality
+0-5 for story (1 point for every 100 words, max 500 words count towards score, though you may write more)
+5 for including other horses in your entry (only for Flat Race and Beach Race, extra horses will not count if they are your own. Max 2 extra horses per entry. If the extra horses are not full body w/rider, they will count for +2 points each instead of +5)
+5 for extra image (max 2 images, can be training, arrival, etc. If the extra image/s are not full body, they will count for +2 points each instead of +5. -1 point if there is no background.)
+1 if extra image includes another horse from the show that is not yours
+0-5 for horses experience, +5 if they placed 1st in that class before (any effort based show), +3 if they placed 2nd in that class before (any effort based show), +1 if they placed 3rd in that class before (any effort based show) max 5 points- include proof on your entrys info
+1-15 RNG for performance (will livestream)
-1-3 RNG for performance faults (will livestream)
Points that will carry over to all of your entries:
+5 for advertising through Journal/Add/Poll
+5 if you donate a prize or prizes

:star::star:The Prizes:star::star:
:trophy: Judges Choice :trophy:
There will be one Judges Choice winner per class
:pointr: Ribbon
:pointr: Portrait of winning horse with ribbon by vaga-bonds

:trophy: 1st Place :trophy:
:pointr: Trophy
:pointr: Head Shot of winning horse
:pointr: 15 :points: 

:trophy: 2nd Place :trophy:
:pointr: Ribbon
:pointr: 10 :points:

:trophy: 3rd Place :trophy:
:pointr: Ribbon
:pointr: 5 :points:

:trophy: 4th Place and Lower :trophy:
:pointr: Participation Rosette

Photo by jeffretta, Journal Skin by jeffretta

Winters YHH 

1 deviant said YHH - Wintery wonderland by Winter-Pine-Farms
No deviants said Just advertising for a friend :dummy: This is her first YHH! Go buy it! >D


angry-horse-for-life has started a donation pool!
750 / 5,000
Self taught artist - stamp by Eirene86Self taught artist - stamp by Eirene86Self taught artist - stamp by Eirene86

give me lama and get lama 2 by Th3EmOo
support my art by donate by Th3EmOo

:iconpointslaplz: I ACCEPT ALL DONATIONS :iconpointslaplz:

Please donate if you are an awesome, generous person or if you are paying for an adoptable or purchasing something in the form of points. Thank you. :heart:

I WILL WORK FOR POINTS! If you want me to draw you something, note me and we will work out a price!

The biggest donation was 2600 :points: from (they choose to be ananomous)
and the second biggest donation was 500 :points: from :iconwolverine041269:

Thank you for all of your generous donations! Even if your not donating points to me, go through the list of people that HAVE donated and visit their page, drop them a llama and a few faves. They are all great people and deserve much kindness.


:star:Please check out angry-horse-for-life.deviantar… for CURRENT SALES:star:

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This is my SS rp website
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An old man walked up a shore littered with thousands of starfish, beached and drying up after a storm. A young man was picking them up and flinging them back into the ocean. "Why do you bother?" the old man scoffed. "You are not saving enough to make a difference." The young man picked up another starfish and sent it spinning back to the water. "Made a difference to that one," he said. -Author Unknown



:star::star::star:HORSES FOR SALE:star::star::star:
:bulletpink: WBS Disasterology:bulletpink:
Shows: None
Other Images: , ,…

:bulletblue: WBS Sonofagun:bulletblue:
Shows: None
Training: None
Other Images:…

:bulletpink: WBS Gunner Down:bulletpink:
Shows: None
Training: None
Other Images:…

MORE FOR SALE HERE! angry-horse-for-life.deviantar…

:star::star::star:DOGS FOR SALE:star::star::star:
:bulletpink: WBS Bootleg Seductive:bulletpink:
Shows: None
Training: None
Other Images:


MORE FOR SALE HERE! angry-dog-for-life.deviantart.…


White Blood Stables

Harpg 10 by Hymnsie
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Leases and Co-Ownerships

We are currently Leasing

We are currently Leasing Out
:bulletblue: WBS Moves Like Jagger to Equinara
Reason: Sent away for 3DE training and showing
Payment: None
:bulletblue: 4921 WBS Jesu to Equinara
Reason: Sent away for 3DE training and showing
Payment: None

We Co-Own
:bulletblue: Aristotle Other Owner: Rawrshi
:bulletblue: Galileo Other Owner: Rawrshi
:bulletblue: WBS Halfmoon Waterdrop Other Owner: Bright-In-The-Night
:bulletblue: A Cowgirl's Dream Other Owner: Baylili00



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